What's the difference between VWIN32_DIOCCompletionRoutine and VWIN32_SetWIN32Event?
Both just set WIN32 event signaled or does DIOCCOmpletionRoutine do something else?
Does O_Internal element of the OVERLAPPED structure become invalid (the VxDHandle is immediately closed) right after a call to DIOCCompletion routine?
Can I call DIOCCompletion routine several times from one IOCTL procedure?
Can I call it from an interrupt?
Thank you...
Posted on 2002-08-25 16:00:11 by Vaxon
Hi Vaxon,

I'm interested in learning more about event synchronization in a vxd myself. Some of the stuff you describe is probably best answered by testing. I could hazard a few guesses from reading the DDK and would be interested in discussing it with you, but I'd suggest you search here to start:


A simple search for VWIN32_DIOCCompletionRoutine gave me 4 pages of previous discussions on the function. At least one of the posts mentioned it being valid within an ISR.

Good Luck,
Posted on 2002-08-26 01:47:19 by Kayaker
Hi, Kayaker.
Thanks for helping. I've just visited that site, you had suggested. Alot of VxD stuff there, but some questions still remain.
About this OpenVxDHandle function... Why isn't its proto placed in kernel32.inc?
How does windows convert hEvent in the OVERLAPPED structure to hVxDEvent placed in the O_Internal in the same structure?
Does it call OpenVxDHandle for that? If so, do I have to close it, using CloseHandle in my VxD?
There's been said that VWIN32_SetWIN32Event can be used only with the SYS VM as a current VM.
What about the DIOCCompletionRoutine? There's nothing about such a restriction, but I have serious doubts about it. I'm gonna try to test all this stuff, but It would be nice if it was described in some documentation. If you find something more, please let me know. If I can find some good description on this topic, I'll tell you. It's good to know that someone else is interested in the same kind of stuff. I'm not a pro in all this yet
;) , but if there's anyway I can help you, I'll be glad to. You can e-mail me at vaxon77@hotmail.com.
See you.
Posted on 2002-08-26 03:16:43 by Vaxon