Hey everybody! Recently, I've found it necessary to time certain sections of my code, though not as thoroughly as Maverick's PROFILE (which is great btw). In order to find slower parts of my code (code slow enough to be seen by the user) I wrote up some macros that create a log file of my application running. I attach the include file here.

There are 3 macros:

BEGINLOG -- a macro that starts the logging procedures
LOG text -- Records the time and quoted text in the log file
CLOSELOG -- writes the log from memory to the file "log.txt"

I'd be glad to hear some comments. Just add the include to your project, call BEGINLOG near the beginning of your app, CLOSELOG at the end, and LOG anywhere you want to place a note. View the results in log.txt

Posted on 2002-08-26 15:04:14 by chorus