Hey guys,
I did all that is written in the win32api but I couldn't make my hotkey work:rolleyes:
May be you'll share some sources with me with a working hotkey....
Btw, I tryed searching so plz don't send me there
Posted on 2002-08-27 06:23:45 by Duker
Posted on 2002-08-27 06:34:13 by bazik

If your app has a message loop, (IE not a dialog) you can use the WM_KEYDOWN/UP messages or WM_CHAR directly in the message loop and then use GetAsynchKeyState() to handle most hot key combinations.


Posted on 2002-08-27 07:17:47 by hutch--
Thanx Hutch,
I'll try to do it this way
Thanx for help, you're(all) the best and MASM is the best
Posted on 2002-08-27 07:24:47 by Duker