Hi all,

um.. i'm kinda newbie, in GUI in assembly. i don't know how to use more than one DlgProc in my program.
i'm using RadAsm. can any one plz tell me how to show Dialog2 when for example i press a button on Dialog1.

Thanx :)

(btw: sorry if already asked, i really searched but found nothing)

Posted on 2002-08-28 06:42:29 by CuTedEvil
All you need to do is put the code which displays dialog two in the event handler the button on dialog on.
I've attched a radasm example.
It's not very well commented but it's not difficult to understand.
It simply starts a window based on a dialog box. then if you press any of the buttons on the main windowa modal dialog box is created.

Each dialog box has another button which creates a modeless dialog box...
Posted on 2002-08-28 08:02:43 by MArtial_Code
Hi MArtial_Code,

That was just what i wanted, thanx.:alright:

Posted on 2002-08-28 08:40:15 by CuTedEvil