KetilO What do you think of making a little proggy that would be used to update RadASM, something like Norton's Live Update? I was thinking to make something like that but then I'm afraid that structure of the zip containing updates would have to be always the same. Hey?

By the way, how would one access HTML code of the web site loaded in a web control you made? :) I was thinking to start playing around with that thingy. :)
Posted on 2002-08-29 17:59:01 by Milos
This could be easy. All the up-to-date files could be placed somewhere individually, or in a zip file of some sort and then keep a text list of all the changes that need to be made. For example, if a file needs to be moved, renamed, or deleted between versions. Then, there would be a list of all the file version numbers (or dates) and then the update program would simply check against the dates or versions and make the changes.

In this way, KetiIO could just release a RadASM, for example, and the updater would update to or whatever. Even 1.3 if needed. People can just click "Update RadASM" and voila, all better. Of course, that only works if there's an "Undo Update" also, in case something ends up broken.

I thought about making one but I haven't the time at the momemt. In fact, that was one of the reasons I gave him a place on my website is so that he can do this update thing and also to keep the RadASM Direct Add-In page up to date but that didn't turn out so well...

Posted on 2002-08-29 18:50:49 by _Shawn
hmm, well file dates can be checked automatically and all files could be updated as needed, the only part boring for programming and kinda more difficult would be part of updating ini files.... KetilO would have to make a special file, maybe some RadASM.ini.update that would contain only changes because I douby anybody would like to have to do all the cusom settings from the start... I think we all need a thing like this, RadASM is best ASM IDE I've seen and it's updated so frequently that it has become tedious to do manual updates every single day ;)
Posted on 2002-08-29 19:02:33 by Milos