Im trying to make a proggie that fakes key presses inside a window. anyone know how? I know I have to use SendMessage,targetwindow,etcetc.. but what message do I send and how do i get it to push the key inside the window and not something on the outside? I want to fake it like Im holding the button down and then after that button is verified that its held down, I want to make it hold another key down..Any help is appreciated.
Posted on 2002-08-30 18:53:39 by resistance_is_futile
Posted on 2002-08-30 19:00:45 by comrade
how do i get the virtual keycode of the key i wanna press?
Posted on 2002-08-30 19:03:59 by resistance_is_futile
Look up VK_* constants in
Posted on 2002-08-30 19:13:07 by comrade
okay so:

invoke SendMessage,target,keybd_event,11 (control key),NULL,NULL,NULL

Posted on 2002-08-30 19:23:04 by resistance_is_futile
Wait no thats wrong lol. here:

invoke keybd_event,11,NULL,NULL,NULL

would this work??
Posted on 2002-08-30 19:38:16 by resistance_is_futile
Posted on 2002-08-30 21:18:42 by comrade