MultiClient Server expanded for 3D Chat.
Packet processing is via regular WSA messages.

You can send your chat to one or all users.
Currently only Clients may chat.
Text lines are automatically centered using a bounding sphere.
The radius of that sphere is used to modify the harmonic 3d behaviour.
Keep the lines to a reasonable length, 3d text generates a lot of polys !!
Have fun :)

things to add - support for file transfer, custom fonts and finally I intend to expand the Client Object to support remote servers as client-gateways where a joining client can send up its username plus a list of clients it is hosting...

Feedback appreciated.
Any requests?

This example was written to experiment with recasting meshes in runtime,
the source is free to use for non commercial purposes.
You will need the regular DX8 dll files in the same folder as the exe.
(See if you need them)
Posted on 2002-08-31 05:18:40 by Homer