Hi all

Help me test RadASM before release.

Whats new since

- RadASM now supports spaces in filenames.
- RadASM detects if resources needs to be recompiled. (Build and Go command)
- Source code breakpoints.
-- Close to source code debugging.
-- Does not clutter your code.
-- As easy as setting a bookmark
- Copy project or file browser filenames to code. (Right click menu)
- Fixed custom control dll loading problem from
- Expand / collapse project groups on dbl click.
- Code properties combo holds selection during refresh.
- Help, Tools and Macro menu options dialog now has a file browse button.
- Project options dialog made sizeable.
- Fixed bug with clear breakpoints.
- Fixed bug with Clear button on breakpoint dialog.
- Added posibility to show content (or offset) of a variable on a breakpoint.
- Shows error code from GetLastError in breakpoint dialog.
- Made som changes to breakpoints handling. Added logg capability.
- Fixed bugs in msdnHelp addin.
- Fixed minor bugs in RadASM.
- Added drag and drop files. Dragging and dropping a file from Explorer will open it in RadASM.
- Fixed bugs in *ApiConst.api files.


Source code breakpoints:

Add RADbg.dll to addins.


x=Next free number
y=0 Source code breakpoints.
y=1 Int 3 breakpoints. No interaction with RadASM.
y=16 Also shows results in RadASM output window#1.
y=17-31 Only shows result in RadASM output window#1. Delay y-16 seconds.

Limitations to source code breakpoints.

1. Add RADbg.inc to your project.
2. Running exe with breakpoints in a newly opened project will not work.
RadASM's current window handle is assembled into your code. Always rebuild exe.
3. Tip: Create a keyboard macro to include RADbg.inc to your code.

The abowe does not apply if you are using int 3 breakpoints and a debugger.

You must use RADbg.dll and RADbg.inc version with this version of RadASM.

13 dl. Fixed flags problem.
09.02.2002, 15 dl. Added the correct dll.
09.04.2002, 45 dl. Added more features + fixed bug.
09.05.2002, 22 dl. Added new features to breakpoints + fixed bug.
09.06.2002, 19 dl. Added logg capabilities to breakpoins handling.
09.06.2002, 3 dl. Fixed a bug in the included test project.
09.09.2002,44 dl. Fixed bugs in msdnHelp addin (version 2).
09.12.2002,32 dl. Fixed minor bugs+added drag and drop files.
09.13.2002,34 dl. Uploaded the package to my homepage.

You can download here
Posted on 2002-09-01 04:44:00 by KetilO
..and here is a little test project to show source code breakpoints.


File included in update.
Posted on 2002-09-01 05:05:50 by KetilO
Hi all

Fixed source code debug flags problem.

Replace RADbg.dll and RADbg.inc

Posted on 2002-09-01 15:39:59 by KetilO
I can't make breakpoints work under XP. It just closes RadASM ("this program has performed...bla bla" kind of a message). Can't wait to see this thing working though!!!!!
Posted on 2002-09-01 17:51:36 by Milos
Hi Milos

My mistake.
I uploaded with the old RADbg.dll in the addins folder.
You can copy the dll from the RADbg project folder, or you can download again.

Posted on 2002-09-02 00:57:32 by KetilO
Hi all

Here is the TASM version of RADbg.inc

If anyone has the knowledge to make a FASM or NASM macro, please post it here.



Tasm version included in file.
Posted on 2002-09-02 03:20:15 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload with more features to test.

Posted on 2002-09-04 09:00:31 by KetilO
KetilO: it is possible to have RadASM "talk" to OllyDbg for debugging purposes ?

i think to have a OD plugin that receive commands from RadASM for step,run,breakpoints, memory read, watches ...

it would be nice :grin:

Posted on 2002-09-05 05:55:18 by TBD
TBD...I don't see the point incontrolling OD from RA. to do so RA would have to have the input focus but you'd still want OD to be the topmost window so you can see what's happening...
time better spent adding native debugging support...
of course it's up to KetilO or you could always code your own plugins...one for RA and one for OD!
Posted on 2002-09-05 06:29:30 by MArtial_Code

As far as I know OD cannot debug masm code properly.
I tend to agree with MArtial_Code and current breakpoint debug is close to what I need.

Posted on 2002-09-05 09:00:59 by KetilO
KetilO: what do you mean by "OD cannot debug masm code properly" ? ask you maybe already know i am on the OD beta test team and we need to know what is the problem so Olly can fix it in the next version.

Olly is working on adding Microsoft debug format, so will be easier to debug MASM code.

on my system (NT4 SP6) Test Project it GPF on ".elseif eax==WM_CLOSE" with read error in USER32

if i put the breakpoint everywhere else it does the same. i use 1=RADbg.dll,0 in radasm.ini

Posted on 2002-09-06 00:56:35 by TBD

OD is a great tool. When it supports masm debug info it will be even greater.

RadASM bug:

Please verify the following:

1. RADbg.dll in addins folder has version
2. RADBg.inc in radasm\masm\inc has a note that it is for version
3. That the exe you are debugging is newly buildt and in this instance of radasm.

Posted on 2002-09-06 01:39:33 by KetilO
all passed, still bugged.

here it is the exe with only one breakpoint, at "invoke GetParent,0"
Posted on 2002-09-06 01:44:25 by TBD

The exe, with breakpoints, alone is of no use as it has to be run in the same instance of RadASM that did build it.

Maybe there is some confusion on how to use it.

1. Open the project in RadASM.
2. Set breakopints and variables you want to trace.
3. Build the exe with Go or Go All.
This is important as the current handle of radasm's mdi frame is part of the macro that your exe will execute.

To run the exe alone you must remove the breakpoints and rebuild.

I have tested it on win98 SE and XP and it works as it is supposed to.

If it still does not work on NT 4, let me know.
Will you also try x=RADbg.dll,1. It should launch your JIT debugger.

Posted on 2002-09-06 02:24:21 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded new version with more breakpoint options.

Posted on 2002-09-06 08:38:47 by KetilO
still doesnt work :confused:

here are every steps that i make:
1. download radasm1210c.zip
2. unzip to empty directory radasm
3. add radasm.ini & masm.ini from radasm
4. add in radasm.ini in

5. add in \radasm\masm\*.api files - 4 of them
6. run radasm
7. load project "\radasm\Masm\Projects\TestProject\Test Project.rap"
8. Go All
9. radasm debug window appears after pressing IDC_BTN
10. press ok 5 times [5 breakpoints]
11. GPF - read error
12. remove all breakpoints (ALT+CTRL+F8)
13. Go All
14. same error, same address

hope it helps somehow,
Posted on 2002-09-06 08:57:48 by TBD

Yes that helped a lot. The bug is in the test program itself (register preservation).
Remove the line xor ebx,ebx or add uses ebx in proc line.
Strange that my XP did not complain.

Posted on 2002-09-06 09:30:46 by KetilO
removed xor ebx,ebx - same eror
added uses ebx - :grin: working

it is would be nice to have bolded the modified registers in radasm debug window to see
the difference :rolleyes:

nice work btw,
Posted on 2002-09-06 09:36:15 by TBD

Very good idea. Should keep me busy for some hours. :grin:

I have uploaded a new file. Only the test project are changed from RadASM1210c.zip

Posted on 2002-09-06 09:48:21 by KetilO
Hi KetilO

I dunno if its a bug or the plugin MsdnHelp will need an update but it doesnt work anymore into
Except that cool new feature for break points ;)

Thanks for your great work RadAsm really rox

Cya Greetz KahnAbyss
Posted on 2002-09-08 08:54:41 by KahnAbyss