how do i do to call a function in a lib that i have created? i include the lib with the includelib directive.
Posted on 2002-09-02 10:00:35 by IrOn
Hello IrOn,

Sorry, but it's not clear to me what you mean by "include the lib with the includelib directive". If this is the .lib that was created with your dll you don't include it; just be sure it's in the same directory as the dll. As far as calling the functions within your dll just invoke MyFunction,Parameter1,Parameter2...etc

Iczelion has some excellent tutorials on dll's, have you seen them?

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Posted on 2002-09-02 10:37:44 by czDrillard

There are two different things in your question, a DLL is a seperate assembled/compiled program that is designed to be loaded by another program, usually an EXE file but it can be another DLL as well.

A library in the programming sense is a collection of seperate modules that are joined together for convenience.

With a DLL, you can call it with your EXE program in a number of ways, the simplest is LoadLibrary()/GetProcAddress() for direct calling or alternatively, you should have a import library (.LIB) when you build the DLL in either MASM or C/C++.

Once you have an import library for the DLL, you just use the INCLUDE for the prototypes and INCLUDELIB for the import library.

Posted on 2002-09-02 21:52:26 by hutch--