there's a way to alloc shared memory, in a way that it become acessible to all process in the moment its created?

i mean, not like CreateFileMapping et all, that requiere the process 'open' that shared memory.

docummented and undocummented solutions are welcome :)


ps: i already tried VirtualAlloc() with the undocummented 08000000h flag. dont worked. seens its a w9x only thing.
Posted on 2002-09-02 19:52:12 by ancev

I have not seen any documentation on shared memory apart from memory mapped files or shared sections in PE files which both have to be written to use that capacity.

It does not mean that it does not exist but a lot of OS design is aimed at preventing common access to process memory as a security measure.


Posted on 2002-09-02 21:44:12 by hutch--