Hi all,
I have a question about hiding all the control keys in windows NT.

I need to disable the fasttaskswitch (alt+tab), the 'Start' button (hotkeyed with windows key), and the Ctrl-Alt-Supr task manager in Windows 2000/NT. The idea is having an application at the top and never loose the focus.

In windows 9x i used to make the trick:

invoke SystemParametersInfo,SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING,1,ADDR alGas,NULL

and w9x thinks that the screensaver is running and it disables all special keys, but those trick dont works on windows 2000.

any tips?.

Posted on 2002-09-03 12:42:06 by r00t
Posted on 2002-09-04 03:45:09 by Four-F
Thanks for the reply but i do not need to hide the process, i need to disable the Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-Tab, Windows-Esc, and Window keys. I need to ALWAYS keep the focus in the same window.

Posted on 2002-09-09 00:30:38 by r00t

The idea is having an application at the top and never loose the focus.

invoke SetFocus, hWnd
jmp @B


Or do a global Keyboad hook. I think there is also a DirectX function for that...
Posted on 2002-09-09 00:58:27 by bazik
Yes, its a little dirty CPU-wasting trick. I prefer those other "HOOK" trick.
Where i can find it?.

Thanks and greets.
Posted on 2002-09-09 14:36:45 by r00t
I don't think a keyboard hook will work.
You can find this in Iczellion's tutorials or the msdn library.
But from what I read in msdn you will have to code a gina
(or whatever it was called) dll but the I don't think this works on Win2K.

(At least for Ctrl-Alt-Del that is)

Maybe someone experienced with game programming can help you with that.
If not try www.gamedev.net . I'm sure there will be an article about this... maybe
DirectX, though.
Posted on 2002-09-10 14:47:36 by goofee
OK, only thing I found on Gamedev.net was you can check for ALT-Tabbing with WM_SYSKEYDOWN
allows Ctrl+Alt+Del so maybe if you leave it out or not it it may work...
Posted on 2002-09-10 15:10:50 by goofee
There is a source code for a keyboard driver " Ctrl2Cap " on sysinternals site that does something like this :)

The NT driver is in C but i guess you could change it to asm :) however the VXD is in ASM AFAIK
Posted on 2002-09-10 15:34:35 by BogdanOntanu