two little question,

how big can a device-context be? i am creating my own listview custom
control at this time and it would be ALOT faster to use a large dc as buffer
instead of drawing everything again and again on every wm_paint.

and... most gdi api's require a brush instead of a rgb value as color... this
brush is created with CreateSolidBrush and deleted with DeleteObject.
is it a good way to create a brush on wm_paint, use it and delete it right
on? i want every lv-item to have it's own color so that the user can choose
the color at create-time AND run-time. because of this behaviour i can not
setup a bunch of colors and delete them on wm_destroy, i have to do it
whenever i draw a single item... isn't this slowing everything down? are
there other ways?
Posted on 2002-09-03 20:07:10 by mob