hey all,

recently i'v put Masm in win2000 (usualy i code in win98se)
the code is running fun over win98se but seems it doesn't over win2000,
iv looked for such problem in the search area, and found some info,
but no one really said how to fix it.
the error i am talking about is the "the instruxion 0x7xxxxxxx bla bla at 0x00000087 could not be read"
i dont know how win2000 handle Masm, but it seems it doesn't handle it pretty good, /me look at ->Hutch...
i am suing win2000 pro sp1 if its any help.
Posted on 2002-09-03 20:41:12 by wizzra
The system of code is always changed because in confusion there is profit. The solution is to make your own code . program. dll. library. operating system...etc etc etc
Posted on 2002-09-03 21:40:56 by IwasTitan
It sound like you are crashing in an API call. Debug your program and find where it crashes. If it is an API call, look it up on MSDN, perhaps there is some W2K specific info. W2K is more picky than 98 about bad pointers. Check you pointers, make sure they are correct. You are feeding an incompatible parameter to something in W2K.
Posted on 2002-09-03 23:22:40 by ThoughtCriminal

I havwe win2k SP1 on another machine and MASM32 works fine on win2k. Test if the examples build OK, this will verify if the installation is correct. If they build normally, you have a problem with the code you are using.


Posted on 2002-09-04 02:19:36 by hutch--
hi hutch,
thank you for you reply.
i'v checked Masm7's exmaples,
some examples are working and some doesn't,
after more testing of the examples, win2000 just didn't let 90% run
and imidiately crashed.
the one iv found working is the opengl examples,LCD,nova..
iceze's examples also crashed.
i dont know why and seems there is no reasonable explanation.
hutch, i hope u have any idea how to fix :(
Posted on 2002-09-04 03:50:52 by wizzra

Sounds like you have some real problems there. I would delete out the current installation of MASM32 and reinstall it from scratch and make sure it fully installs, in particular the building of the include files and the app that is built at the end to test the installation.

If this does not do the job, I would look at things like if you are running anti-viral scanners and turn them off and try again. Failing that I would make sure you installation of win2k is working properly.

This much, the installation of MASM32 is working fine on hundreds of thousands of different computers around the world and that ranges from early win95 to windows XP so it is proven software.


Posted on 2002-09-04 05:56:47 by hutch--