Why isn't there a proto for the OpenVxDHandle function in the kernel32.inc?
It is exported by kernel32.dll and I use it to synchronize my ring0 code with ring 3 app.
And it's not only MASM32. I couldn't find it in vc and borland c include files either .
Why is that?:confused:
Posted on 2002-09-04 07:26:35 by Vaxon
hi Vaxon,
is the OpenVxDHandle func is an API? if it is, then you can do GetProcAddress with this name as parameter to call from your program. and i think this cant if u dont know the param required. well... i think you should seek harder, or maybe someone else here can answer that.

Posted on 2002-09-04 21:36:55 by dion
Yes, that's exactly what i do. I do LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress then. But it would be more convinient if it was in kernel32.inc
There's no description of this function in API reference. It's only in the DDK, although it says that this function is exported in kernel32.dll. Looks like everyone has foggoten of it. Just can't figure out why.
Posted on 2002-09-05 01:40:32 by Vaxon
kernal32.inc is derived from kernal32.lib, unlike the windows.inc which was/is compiled by Hutch and Icz.

As such, adding it to the kernal32.inc is a non-trivial task, there must be some problem with either the lib2inc tool, or with the exportedness of this particular function. I cannot be sure which it is though...

Posted on 2002-09-05 04:24:23 by Mirno
There's nothing wrong with lib2inc tool, cause it's not in kernel32.lib either. It seems that Microsoft just fogot it. But I still can't get how an exported function can be missed in .lib. I guess I'll do GetModuleHandle instead of LoadLibrary call. At least won't need to FreeLibrary after OpenVxDHandle call, since kernel32 is linked to my program at Load-Time.
Posted on 2002-09-09 08:35:37 by Vaxon
If the libs are derived from say the Win2K platform SDK (or indeed any other NT based platform SDK), then they'll not have VxD support...
It could just be that I guess.

Try getting a set of libs for a 9x SDK, and using Lib2Inc on those..

Posted on 2002-09-10 04:07:56 by Mirno