Has anyone ever seen this end up in the eax register before?

I am doing a vxd to control the serial port with interrupts, and communicating with it from a vb program. The vxd works, and handles the interrupts, and once every 2048 characters received, it sends a _Shell_PostMessage (WM_USER) to the vb program.

The vb program gets the WM_USER message in a newwindowproc. It detects it properly, and then is supposed to send a new deviceIO message to the vxd pointing to a character buffer to copy the input stream too.

It never makes it too the vxd, I always get a windows requested break, and eax is loaded with the dword "DEADCAFE". I know I am sorta cheating since I am notifying the vb program with a WM_USER message, rather than using an event, but it looked like it would work. If I just detect the WM_USER in vb and simply add some text to an edit box saying it got it, it works fine. It only blows up when I try to call back to the vxd from the newwindproc routine.

any wild guesses?
Posted on 2002-09-05 10:56:07 by sceptor