Why this code hangs up assembler? :(

When I omit '/coff' option, the assembler is OK.


.model flat,C
option casemap:none

flashrom db 1024*1024 dup (?)


end Start

Thank you for your reading! :)

Have a nice day!
Posted on 2002-09-06 02:53:30 by nyam
Could be that the number 1024*1024 is rather large... 1048576... Not sure tho... But I seem to rember a thread about large buffers and MASM taking a hell of a lot of time or even hanging/dying
Posted on 2002-09-06 03:06:10 by NervGaz
You are not terminating the running process.


Posted on 2002-09-06 04:55:31 by hutch--
I tried something like that with one of my programs and used a debugger to find out y it hanged and it seems that Windows Terminates the program if it returns like the way in ur code
Posted on 2002-09-06 06:48:17 by x86asm