Hey people,

I was just wondering, if you guys could test this very simple GUI job I've done for a process manager app I've done ?? (here comes the second bird :) And also, could you tell me how to setup the poplist window, so that it does have a title bar (the blue bar that the window caption can be found in) ....

You'll see the poplist window, when you double clikc the text in the list box ....

Suggestions as to weather the popklist is easy to use and not annoying would be nice too :) (I think its 3 birds now!!)

Cheers in advanced people ....
Posted on 2002-09-06 05:16:15 by Dracton
It took me 4 seconds and one doubleclick to crash your programm on my Win2k work machine ;)
Posted on 2002-09-06 06:02:29 by bazik
I guess it's bug of RadAsm's resource editor or something similar.
Run some window spy, and compare control styles it shows, with thouse in resource editor.
Try manually to write styles you want in .rc file.
Posted on 2002-09-06 07:46:18 by Four-F
After some random clicking, i find a context menu sort of appears, then when it disappears your main window loses focus, therefore no menus will open and no clicks get processed. I have to use my task manager to kill your process manager :rolleyes:

If that was a context menu i saw, then i suggest you change the way it is invoked, it is a major departure from the windows standard to invoke a context menu by double (left) clicking, and it is certainly not intuitive. (I assume this is what you called your "pop list", from what i saw you still technically have a menu).

This is on a Win2K machine running SP2.

Posted on 2002-09-06 07:54:58 by sluggy
Hi Dracton

Found two bugs. Register preservation (esi, edi) and 2nd dialog callback.
Bugfixed source included.

Posted on 2002-09-06 09:20:35 by KetilO
Cheers people,

I tested the program on my Dads XP machine, and to quote bazik :

It took me 4 seconds and one doubleclick to crash your programm on my Win2k work machine

This is because of the "Pop List" (attempt) I added to the program, as Sluggy said, I should have added the "Pop List" with a left click, and also change the way the poplist is invoked.

I must also add that am sorry for asking for your help all the time, but am new to this game. and it will probably take me some time to work out howto re-write the invoke call so that it works correctly (*cough*HINT*cough*) ....

I think I've attempted to take on a project, am not ready for yet ... but I must add, I did have a half-good attempt ... didn't I ?

Cheers for all your help guys, but I think I'll leave this project till a time when I can actually code :P ...
Posted on 2002-09-07 03:49:43 by Dracton
I'm sorry, KetilO. It is very a shame. :confused:
Posted on 2002-09-07 07:10:19 by Four-F
Have you posted the right reply in the right place here ?
Posted on 2002-09-09 05:51:56 by Dracton
Yes. It's the right post in the right place.
I suspected RadAsm of having bug.
And i apologized to KetilO for this.
Maybe it was misunderstood, because of my ugly english.
Posted on 2002-09-09 07:43:13 by Four-F