I changed the text font in RadAsm and it changed for the whole opened file, but the newly inputed text stays with different font. This happens only if I change Editor font to FIXEDSYS.
Am i doing anything wrong?

Just began using RadAsm and my first impression is THAT'S REALLY GREAT!!!
Well Done, Ketilo...
Posted on 2002-09-06 06:15:02 by Vaxon
And BTW syntax highlighting doesn't work properly with some other fonts and with BOLD fonts....
Posted on 2002-09-06 06:54:20 by Vaxon
Hi Vaxon

RadASM uses richedit20 version 3. Hiliting will not be good until I replace it with my own code edit control.
This will take some time.

Posted on 2002-09-06 07:40:41 by KetilO