Anybody got a link where I can get a version of Windbg that works with Windows/95? I just downloaded the latest "debugging tools" from MS, that includes Windbg. But the requirements say NT/2K, and when I run the install I get a "Can't start process" error.

Don't tell me I've gotta download the whole SDK just to get Windbg. :(
Posted on 2001-08-25 01:43:08 by S/390
Try this file.
Posted on 2001-08-25 02:37:31 by Dr. Manhattan
Thanks Karim. I'll check it out! :)
Posted on 2001-08-25 12:15:04 by S/390
Well, thanks anyway Karim, but that's not what I'm looking for. This is the one that needs a second machine. I had one, called windbg.exe I think, from MS I'm pretty sure. I had it on my "old" machine at work, but it seems that it didn't make the cut when I moved.

I can't believe that it comes with the SDK, but not Visual Studio... :confused:
Posted on 2001-08-25 17:58:25 by S/390
It must be this one.
Posted on 2001-08-26 03:13:53 by Dr. Manhattan
that's it, but there' a bunch of helper dll missing:


Thats a list from my version of WinDbg (also "very" old, dated 05.06.1996). But all together its about 1,6 MB, too much for my home modem connection to upload.

To use these versions of WinDbg you should also link with an "old" linker, that is, MSPDBxx should be the same for link.exe and windbg.exe (MSPDB41.DLL or even MSPDB40.DLL). If not doing so, windbg will not be able for source code level debugging.

Posted on 2001-08-26 07:50:46 by japheth
Thanks for your efforts guys. I found a copy using Goolge, with the help and DLL files. This one also has a 3rd party program called "crash" that does "just in time" debugging. Haven't figured it out yet though.

It comes from a site that is into (get this all you old mainframers) Visual RPG!

It's the second file on this page:

Posted on 2001-08-26 17:27:21 by S/390
I just checed out the "crash.exe" that comes with this version of WINDBG. Turns out it's just a dummy program to force a page fault. However, a .DOC file is also included that tells how to add a DEBUG button to the "Invalid operation" system message. It uses the same AeDebug "hook" as DRWATSON to run WINDBG instead, aka "just in time debugging". Pretty kool.

You learn something new every day. :)
Posted on 2001-08-26 23:25:43 by S/390