Hi, I've been thinking of algothrims on how to do alpha blending, but I think it'll be terribly slow I would like some input from you professional programmers. I had made a 2D engine in DOS that does sooo many segment overrides its not funny. So therefore I have abandoned it (3000 lines of code, gone.. ='( ). I made one game from it I guess thats good enough. Anyway here is the algothrim

BlendFactor 1.0

-Extract RGB values from data WORD
-Multiply R,G and B by BlendFactor
-Combine RGB values
-Store into backbuffer

As you know I have an Athlon 900Mhz which I think can pull this off but as you see, I would like my friends to be able to enjoy it too and some have as low as a 266Mhz PII. Do you guys think a P-266Mhz can pull that off? I dont plan on doing all pixels in the back buffer. I'm using a 640x480x16-bit screen, thanks to BogdanOtanu and the many examples on this board I finally figured out how to initialize DirectDraw and DirectSound (THANK YOU ALL). If you know a better algothrim please let me know! Thanks
Posted on 2002-09-07 11:40:27 by x86asm
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