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Posted on 2001-08-25 03:14:05 by fiddler
i've always liked that website. if you notice on the what's NOT hot Java is there. Embedded Java is 'DEAD' lol. yeah, this is a place where people are hesitant to use C instead of asm and they're going to go with Java... NOT... lol. thin clients are DEAD... hmm, were they ever really alive?

dr phil :)
Posted on 2001-08-25 14:54:15 by phil
Ya gotta love some of their quotes:

"There is no compelling reason for an experienced, salaried engineer to learn Embedded Java."
Posted on 2001-08-26 23:32:22 by Ernie

lol! java has become the ultimate solution in search of a problem. it has server side uses but just wait till MS gets done with them... i can almost hear Sun whining already. i saw something from hmm i believe a guy involved in C++'s STL creation and he described java as 'a language devoid of any intellectual value'... pretty funny. i like java the language but not java the Sun-controlled, OS wannabe, solution-to-everything, interpreted, acryonym hogging, VM-toting...

dr phil :)

"write once, debug everywhere"
Posted on 2001-08-26 23:51:37 by phil
Embedded linux is very cool. Its nice being able to turn my computer into a router firewall by putting a disk in at start up when my system takes a dive.

check out: if you haven't already
Posted on 2001-08-27 18:04:16 by -T-