well im new here and dont know ASM so good(just started to learn) and i dont know all the terms in eng so if you can tell me what IDE is it would b a great help
can send to icq: 125134485
or to email: osh_iha@hotmail.com :alright:
thx :grin:
Posted on 2001-08-25 10:42:52 by merlin
IDE Stands for Integrated Development Enviroment. How about we put a page up that says what all theses things are? Like IDE, MFC, OWL, ASM(!!!)... etc...
Posted on 2001-08-25 11:15:43 by ChimpFace9000
Cool. Don't forget to add my personal favorites: TLA and XTLA

TLA: Three Letter Acronym

XTLA: eXtended Three Letter Acronym
Posted on 2001-08-26 00:35:09 by Ernie
Hiro, i think this is your board. If i write one up, would you put it on this site and add a link to it?
Posted on 2001-08-26 01:32:56 by ChimpFace9000