I want to run a external console program inside a window (like the MS VC++ calls the cl compiler).
Maybe someone could give a hint on how to do this.
First thing is that I need to spawn the external process and grab the output text of it. Then to display it. I don't know if a multiline edit field is enough or what more is needed to make good output. Then when it scrolls down to bottom the of the window it should display a scrollbar (or just enable it if there is one disabled by default) and then scroll the text up.

Thanks in advance.

// CyberHeg
Posted on 2002-09-12 03:48:41 by CyberHeg
Posted on 2002-09-12 04:11:50 by bazik
Thanks alot :)
Posted on 2002-09-12 06:46:45 by CyberHeg