I started a projekt a while ago ( in vb ) that makes it possible to send keystrokes to a program. The app is both an server and an cliten so you can connect to a other computer who has the same app. The app is pretty simple based on timers, send key, winsock,

For exampel:

Comp1: Writing Hi or something in mirc, waits 10 sek, tell comp2 to do the same,..
Comp2: Writes: *something* u choose =)

But I wanted to add more features tho it and also if it's possible to send keys to a app whitout having it in focus ( so u can be doin other stuffs whit the computer while it types something in notepad for example =)

I'm trying to remake the app in asm..
It would be nice if somone know were to find good tutorials or source on how to do something similair..

Thx... :alright:
Posted on 2002-09-12 07:03:41 by Svenne-Burner
keybd_event and/or WM_SETTEXT
Posted on 2002-09-12 07:11:41 by bazik