nasm if a very popular asmbler.i think it should be discussed on such a asm programming site
Posted on 2002-09-12 10:15:35 by solar
I believe the reasons why there's no NASM forum, unlike FASM, are:

1) FASM seems to have a very bright future, NASM not.
2) There's nothing FASM can't do that NASM does.

So it may appear a bit "dead direction" to open a NASM forum.

Just my opinion..
Posted on 2002-09-12 10:28:44 by Maverick
As far as I know, no NASM developer visits this forum.

MASM32 is maintained by hutch--

FASM is being developed and maintained Privalov

Because of their participation in this forum, and the value of their work; forums have been made said work.
Posted on 2002-09-12 10:30:54 by ThoughtCriminal
the assembler specific forums are support forums for the specific assemblers not for discussing asm really.

nasm already has that.

All other questions should be put in the sections to which they belong (main or networking or games or ...)
these sections are not masm specific.
Posted on 2002-09-12 10:55:45 by Hiroshimator