I have finished my freeware game called Scudden Death.
It's a two player split screen war game with planes, choppers and turrets and stuff.

check it out @ http://scuddendeath.cjb.net

I have only tested it on Win98, so if someone could tell me if it works on Win95 too, it would be nice...
Posted on 2001-08-25 19:03:56 by Condec
Awesome, it works on Win2K, but I can't exit without Ctrl+Alt+Del. Great Fun, too. :alright:

Posted on 2001-08-25 19:43:52 by bitRAKE
I've clicked on http://scuddendeath.cjb.net with no succes.
IE display the message:

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

Is there an alternate link where I can go?

Posted on 2001-08-27 01:35:23 by scarpelius
scuddendeath.cjb.net redirects to bb.beunleashed.com/go.php.

I can't access the page either. The www.beunleashed.com site is down or something.
Posted on 2001-08-28 02:51:54 by Condec
The page can now be reached.
Posted on 2001-08-30 02:34:55 by Condec
Yes, I can see your page now. But when I click
on the download link I get...

Warning: Unable to resolve in /host/b/b/_/b/e/u/bb.beunleashed.com/go.php on line 21

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /host/b/b/_/b/e/u/bb.beunleashed.com/go.php:21) in /host/b/b/_/b/e/u/bb.beunleashed.com/go.php on line 68
Posted on 2001-08-30 09:37:43 by anon
Thanks for the notification. I think i have fixed the problem, but let me know if you still can't download it.
Posted on 2001-08-31 02:54:20 by Condec
Links work now, Thanks ! :alright:
Will have to check out the game later,
(at work now). :(
Posted on 2001-08-31 11:55:46 by anon