It's simple but it does what everyone said was nearly impossible.

1: unzip it to folder of choice. (Masm proj sources included for reference)
2: run GPS_Tester.exe

3: press Load Vxd button
4: press Enable Intr button (to start update if you hook a GPS to com 1)
5: press Disable Intr button to stop update (loops to step 4)
6: press Unload VxD button to unload the VxD. (loops to step 3)

Main points:
Its a hybrid of direct control of the serial port, and virtualizing the interrupt.
It sends appy time messages instead of setting an event.

Never use visual basic to direct communicate with a VxD. LOL

All this was because I want a moving map for my GPS on my boat. I dont like whats available, either too complex, or too useless. Plus I should be able to control the PC, it is mine and not MS's right?
Posted on 2002-09-14 21:35:39 by sceptor