Why would one use the Registry functions from shlwapi.dll vs. Advapi32.dll?
Advapi32 - RegEnumKeyEx
shlwapi - SHEnumKeyEx

besides SHEnumKeyEx having less parameters, are the reg function from the shell faster/better to use than the normal reg functions? Never knew about them till I downloaded the PSDK (Thanks Bazik!)
Posted on 2002-09-15 20:47:44 by Gunner
shlwapi.dll may not be present on all systems (it comes with some versions of IE) : avoid its use when you can (it contains lots of cool string functions, though, but most of them are really easy to rewrite) while, as far as I know, advapi is a standard dll that comes with any version of win32, Internet Explorer or not.
Use the one from advapi unless the shlwapi version does some special things you need which the other version cannot do...
Posted on 2002-09-16 00:59:26 by JCP