VKDEBUG has these new features:

- Debugging information can be saved in log files.
- You can remove debug macros from your program by setting DBGWIN_DEBUG_ON to zero.
- You can print file name and line number by setting DBGWIN_EXT_INFO to one.
- PrintDouble, ASSERT, TrapException, DumpMem, DumpFPU, DbgDump, Fix macros are added.
- PrintDec and PrintHex can get 8-32 bit arguments.
- PrintDec, PrintHex and PrintDouble macros can print short text comments.
- Debug.inc can be included into different files of a project simultaneously.
Posted on 2002-09-15 21:25:54 by vkim

Compliments on the new version, the last one was very popular so I am sure this one will be even more so.


Posted on 2002-09-16 07:21:01 by hutch--
Thank you, Steve!
Indeed, there are many things that must be improved. And I hope I will do them with help of this community.
Posted on 2002-09-16 07:34:29 by vkim
Cheers for the super macros vKim....
They've saved me alot of headaches. I very rarely need to fire up the debugger since I started using them.
Posted on 2002-09-17 12:05:53 by MArtial_Code
Absolutley Wonderfull! (I already love the TrapExeption!)
Posted on 2002-09-17 13:41:30 by scientica
When I set DBGWIN_DEBUG_ON to 0, no debug macros seems to be added to my executable, but there is still plenty of debug-stuff in my .data-section. How can I remove it?
Posted on 2004-02-13 08:14:00 by Delight
Hi, VKim.
How are you :)

I have a problem with your lib and exe.
The problem related to usage of "\masm\lib..." lines.
When project in different then masm32 hard, link can not find libs. So I was forced to recompile your lib with different lines.
It concern all other apps and packages that use this terrible "\masm32\..." syntax. I just hate it :)
There may be numerous solutions including registy storage and environment vars setting.
But those "\masm32\..." just a real headake for those who keep project and masm32 package not at the same hards or local disks.
Just a thought :)
Posted on 2004-06-18 14:11:27 by The Svin