Howdy All,

I'm new to the board, but I have a pretty serious issue, I can't seem to fix on my own... would someone please help!!

I have a small TFTP server application I'm writting, and it works fine in Win98, but It won't work properly on Win2000.

The main application sets up a listening UDP socket (port 69) using winsock 1.1, and starts a thread to deal with responses.

The thread starts a new socket, binds to port 0 (winsock sets the port), and it continues the trivial file transfer.

On a Windows 2000 machine, the thread actually fails the socket call with WSAEINVAL

Any ideas? :confused:

Thanx tk

The call on the thread is:

Posted on 2002-09-16 13:46:43 by tk627
Howdy All,

I've noticed a number of views on my request for help, so I guess some of you might be interested...

I found that it wasn't the call to the socket(), it was a previous call to ntohs() that was causing the trouble on Win 2000. I thought it might be some kind of word alignment problem, but nothing seemed to fix the problem using the call...

I replaced the call with a simple byte swap, and it works...

Anyone care to comment on this?? Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Interesting... eh?

Thanx tk;)
Posted on 2002-09-17 22:33:53 by tk627