MAsmEd v0.34 Last *PREVIEW* before the *FINAL*

might be obtained here:


Posted on 2002-09-17 11:35:36 by hitchhikr
Nice to see my favorite assembly IDE returned! Keep up the great work!
Posted on 2002-09-18 15:30:54 by bazik
Hello, hitchhikr!
I really like your wonderful IDE. But there is a bug I found now. Look at the picture. When I click on the yellow field an exception occurs.
Posted on 2002-09-18 21:06:18 by vkim
First catch.

You clicked it ?

There's nothing to click here but thanks to you coz i never thought someone would ever think to click on that.

That's one dirty bug i'll fix.

Hint: Don't click on that, please.


Posted on 2002-09-19 01:32:19 by hitchhikr
This one will be corrected.

Just don't click meanwhile, for the record just tell me what u tried to obtain by clicking on it (somkind of paste maybe ?) ?

And thanks again coz it gave me an idea.

Posted on 2002-09-19 01:41:48 by hitchhikr
Yes, I clicked it. I can't explain why. :) It appeared and I clicked :)
Posted on 2002-09-19 02:22:59 by vkim
Ok continue that way.

Posted on 2002-09-19 02:26:52 by hitchhikr
when I click such things it's usually to get rid of them :grin:
Posted on 2002-09-24 09:07:21 by Hiroshimator
Hi hitchhikr

Very, very good work on VB6toVC6. Are you intending to make the same to masm, I mean VB6toMasm ? It would be a wonderfull tool.

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-25 00:28:12 by Beyond2000!
Thanks you,
i've chosen c for future inter-platforms implementations
but converting C to asm should be mush easier than vb to asm
anyway, the converter is not finished at all.


I've just posted the FINAL*FINAL preview of MASMED 0.34 today.

Since the last time:

- It now takes care of Click'o'Mania.
- I've added an Add-In system powered by the WA Library and
exposing 525 functions+ internal variables.
- Improved da dezign.
- Added several little options here and there and corrected the
usual bugs.

The Add-Ins SDK is yet to be done, that will be a big work to document every functions and i'll do it only if enough people are interested by tricking MAsmEd from the inside
Also it certaintly have bugs somewhere so beware.

Ho, and it can be found at the url posted previously
( )

Posted on 2002-09-25 03:17:51 by hitchhikr
Hi hitchhikr

If you want documented comments on functions, i'm doing an very huge work to Spasm.

I'm recently finished collecting all possible equates (About 52.000) displayed all of them in hexadecimal values.

Nowadays i'm inserting all the data to them, i mean, comments, retrieve values, remarks, etc....So all the user needor wants to knows aout the constants.

The same work i'm doing with Api functions (About 8000 functions), Structures, and later, the macros.

For teh Api functions, the intention is exactly as the equates, displaying all that is about the api, to improve spasm disassembler/assembler.

If you want to download the full equates, and later the commented and in a few months the commmented api, you can go to spasm site, and d/l

About your translator, making a C to asm would be very usefull too.

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-25 07:31:25 by Beyond2000!
C to asm ?

wasn't it called a compiler ? :)

Well, since i wrote the library i think i don't need any further docs myself. Writing a complete guide with fully commented examples will requires some extras (huge) work.
(even if that can't hurt to have some clear docs for private purpose only, that's true).

Actually i don't know what people are doing with this editor (if they are doing something out of it anyway) and if developping addins for it would be valuable for those who use it or not. I can't guess.

Posted on 2002-09-25 07:57:24 by hitchhikr

oops, sorry, i meant VC6toMasm syntax, just like the Vb6toVC6.

Btw: Does VB6toVC6 can handle .frm on vb projects ?

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-25 08:33:16 by Beyond2000!

Btw: Does VB6toVC6 can handle .frm on vb projects ?

Why dont you use my programm for that? :)
Posted on 2002-09-25 08:36:50 by bazik
The converter doesn't handle forms yet.

Converting modules is the hardest task to do, i want it to reconstruct anything with apis and to be able to redirect everything to Xwindows code finally. Maybe also converting to kylix could be interesting and not as hard as converting vb code to c.

Posted on 2002-09-25 08:40:56 by hitchhikr
Yea something like that but able to generate forms and any activex decoding to some other languages/OSes.

Posted on 2002-09-25 08:43:08 by hitchhikr
Hi Bazik

I use your program constantly, but his project seems to translate all coding in visual basic (and not only those one regardinsg to forms) to visualC.

I saw on the board that you are intending to release a new version of zconvert, which is just wonderfull. So with your tool and with his tool (If an VB6toMAsm would be implemented), could be much more interesting since we could be able to convert any VB project to masm.

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-25 08:47:25 by Beyond2000!
Well, with my switch to Linux, the development of it stoped ;) Anyone interested in the source code? Its done in PowerBASIC, though...
Posted on 2002-09-25 09:54:27 by bazik
Hi Bazik,

it would be a good thing releasing the source code. On that way we could try to improve zconvert, adapting it to any kind of forms.

Pls, post the source code on the board.

Btw: Is your source commented ? I mean, is it easy to follow ?

Tks, in advance

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-25 10:04:18 by Beyond2000!

Wouldn't you release your source code ?


Posted on 2002-09-26 07:18:40 by Beyond2000!