I have two problems using rebars....

1) I have put a rebar in my app and I see that in Win95 and WinNT the rebar is not displayed properly. In Win98/2K/XP, it works perfectly.

I decided to do a search for help in this forum and I saw one application by Scronty that shows lots of diferents rebar styles (good work Scronty). I executed his program and I got the same result (doesnt work properly in Win95 and WinNT). I have attached a copy of Scronty's rebar program and 2 BMPs with the screen that I get in Win95/NT and the the one that I get in 98/2k/Xp. Does anyone have any idea about this?

2) My second problem is that when I try to make transparent one color in a 16bit color BMP that i have in my Rebar (using the ImageList_AddMasked function) it wors perfectly in Win2k/XP but when I run the program in Win95/98/Me the rebar is not transparent. After doing lots of tests i have arrived to the conclusion that I can put a transparent color in a Rebar in Win9x/Me only if I the rebar has a 256 colors BMP (!!??). Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any idea about this?

Thanks in advance,
Posted on 2002-09-18 03:50:35 by Ni2
Im not quite sure but I think the rebar control works in Win95/NT only if IE 4.0+ is installed (newer version of comctl32.dll)
Posted on 2002-09-18 10:36:46 by japheth
japheth is right, rebars require version 4.70 or higher of comctl32.dll.
Here's a shipping list:

4.00 All Microsoft? Windows? 95/Windows NT? 4.0.
4.70 All Microsoft? Internet Explorer 3.x.
4.71 All Microsoft? Internet Explorer 4.0 (see note 2).
4.72 All Microsoft? Internet Explorer 4.01 and Windows? 98 (see note 2).
5.80 Comctl32.dll Microsoft? Internet Explorer 5 (see note 3).
5.81 Comctl32.dll Microsoft? Windows 2000(see note 3).

for the color problem...
no idea :confused:
Posted on 2002-09-19 04:53:57 by beaster