Hello again. I've made the most important parts of XASM - the IDE I was previously talking about. The XML-style editing is present, only the functions to ShellExecute, which execute the batch files for compiling, are not ok. And the menu, listing the source files in the project is not created. But you can load projects, with their files, and edit the first page (the first source file), with the X-style. I think you'll like it, I definitely do love it. I am tomorrow at school, and don't know when i'll have the time to continue it.
A temporary tip: do not place one tag into another, will confuse the prog.

* please do move this post in the appropriate place if needed, I post it here coz I'm known in this thread. thanks
Posted on 2002-09-22 15:47:18 by Ultrano
Sorry, while I was uploading the file, the electricity went off. I've been waiting 2 hours for it, here's the file
Posted on 2002-09-22 16:53:43 by Ultrano
Just to give some info, there's a bug in the ToggleElement proc, and you cannot close 2 elements at the time, the problem is I've forgotten a few lines, will add them later. So, if you have several elements and wonder why the heck they do not toggle, this is the reason. And a little lame tip: the demo project is in the subfolder "test", and is "test.xasm". With "Open With..." you should reference it to the xasm.exe . The project "do not open.xasm" is empty, but is good to be there, coz when starting xasm with no arguments, and in its folder there is no project file, when calling GetOpenFileName, the folder shown will be "my documents", which nags me much, sure will nag you, too. I make xasm with a similar IDE, also made by me, do not wonder why are the files "funcs", "gui" and "start". Format of the .xasm file:

NAME_OF_PROJECT (string) -> when compiling, the output file will be NAME_OF_PROJECT.exe
NUM_OF_SOURCES (integer)-> 1-based number of source files
unused (for compatibility with my old ide.
Project_description (string) -> will modify the window title
source_file1 (string)
.... (more sources)
Posted on 2002-09-23 01:45:28 by Ultrano
Here is a very good version of XASM. Has only one bug, that you still cannot browse through all the source files of the project, but source file#1 is at least able to be shown and saved and encoded/decoded. The X-tech is fully functional, and there's stg new- each X-element can have its own child element.

About Dreamer :
Q:how is it made? A: Using DirectSound. It was initially made using WMME, but it worked only on my soundcard properly. In the framework of DR, the instruments you've put send each other messages, discuss what the tempo is, and which instrument what inputs and outputs has, and if an instrument has finished making a sound, and it is linked, it sends to its output instrument information to which input jack it is connected, and gives the rendered data for further processing. Thus, you can have effects in DR, I was going to make some, but school started, and I've had no time. And I think it is more proper for me to focus on the next release, where the framework is like Windows compared to DOS1. I've made out most things I need to know in order to create the framework and instruments, I need the time. DR 0.5 will have extensive MIDI input and output abilities, and a sequencer like Reason's. My destiny is to create a software studio with more abilities than Reason ( the pros of DR are Pattern mode, dynamic linking, and the ability to have plugins ).

I have already contacted Dan Engelbrecht and the manager at propellerheads, for the legal stuff, and I have promised them I will not use any images of their in the next release. They agreed. Good, but now I have to make everything on my own. I've got an internet friend who will help me with the textures, but nobody else.

Here's XASM 0.2 :
Posted on 2002-09-23 14:05:16 by Ultrano
Splitted thread, deleted some postings, edited title and finally its in the correct forum :grin:
Posted on 2002-09-27 07:48:27 by bazik
I would lose the caps on the menus. You have a lot of work to go to catch up with the rest, but stick with it:alright:
Posted on 2002-09-27 08:34:28 by Asm_Freak
Here's the final release of XASM. You can browse through the source files now. All menu functions work now. Full source given, as always, you can modify it the way you like.

Asm_freak : I made the caps on purpose. What do I have to catch up with the others? Seen Dreamer ? www.dreamerstation.tk ? (my site)

bazik : thanks for sorting. At first I thought you've deleted the DR thread, but it is ok :).
In my language Bazik means a joke. :)
Posted on 2002-09-27 18:19:15 by Ultrano
the thread where Dreamer is now moved is


please tell me whether you find the X-tech useful
Posted on 2002-09-29 21:19:59 by Ultrano
Ultrano - A nice concept :), I am impressed but just one annoyance is the redraw flicker.

Also I would consider, as there are many good IDEs out there (such as RadASM), so instead of writing a whole new IDE from scratch consider implmenting your design in a pluggin for an existing IDE.
Posted on 2002-10-02 00:42:47 by huh
I get no redraw flicker. Maybe because of my GeForce2. I know I can make plugins, but hey. I really do not have any time. I made the simplest and at the same time the most powerful I could in a short time, and I posted the source code in order to let the RADasm and others use the tech. I have given full permission to use it, even without any notice.
Posted on 2002-10-02 09:49:56 by Ultrano