I made a lib in Visual C++ 5 and used L2incA to get an INC(include files) file for the library and it said it had no imports and no INC(include files) file was created.
I also tried the same procedure on a Lib file i created with a dll and i got the same result above?

Can anyone tell me how i can get INC(include files) from Lib i created in Visual C++ 5.

I placed a function in both Lib.


please help me????????

Posted on 2001-08-27 02:30:04 by kenalex

The l2inca utility is designed for a special purpose, it will only work on EXPORTS that have decorated names with functions that are called with the STDCALL calling conventions.

I am guessing but you have probably built the library with C calling convention which does not produce the standard decorated names.

A member by the name of Greg Falen posted a utility in the MASM32 section that may do the job for you. It is in a topic related to include files in MASM.

Good luck.

Posted on 2001-08-27 02:56:29 by hutch--
Declare your functions with _stdcall. For example

extern "C"
void _stdcall f(int a);

The decorated name will be _f@4
Posted on 2001-08-27 06:11:50 by Dr. Manhattan