I have seen many notices regarding VxD's and running at ring-0 mode. I know what ring-0 mode is and understand how to write a basic ring-0 program (thanks to Iczelion), but could somebody give me a few examples of how useful ring-0 code is? I am interested in programs that can only be done (safely) in ring-0 (preferably for Win98).

I would love a few simple examples (remebering that I am no expert in this field).

Best wishes,

Stephen Spackman (a big fan of Iczelion).
Posted on 2002-09-25 06:25:20 by stephenspackman
Hardware drivers, typically.

Posted on 2002-09-25 08:13:44 by Fake51
Typically you don't write programs for ring 0. You can do a ring 0 lybrary for you ring 3 application which has some fast ring 0 functions and/or can access some hardware resources. This functions shouldn't consume much CPU time if don't want your system to stall. Your vxd should sleep most of the time and wake up only if something 'interesting' for it happens.
Posted on 2002-09-27 01:41:33 by Vaxon
Hi Vaxon,
then when I'm running a graphic-intensive app and the CPU starts to heat a lot, it's because kernel32 or gdi is calling too many VxD, right?
Posted on 2002-09-27 11:15:10 by slop