Today I got in trouble for files being deleted.
So I wondered what would be the easiest way to protect files on computers in a network
from being deleted from across other network computers ?
When they are deleted they are not even moved into Recycled Bin.

I thought maybe hooking DeleteFile might work but then I don't know if I can do it.
Posted on 2002-09-26 05:03:27 by goofee
Why can't you just share the folder as read-only?
Posted on 2002-09-26 06:22:04 by Qweerdy
Well, it's different folders and they do need to be remotely
deleted/replaced from time to time.
I just wanna make make sure that a backup exists in case of an accidental delete... :confused:
Posted on 2002-09-26 06:36:24 by goofee
Backup tapes + Veritas Backupexec.
Posted on 2002-09-26 21:44:43 by zenwaters
Assign the correct permissions to the folders/files. When you need to delete them, logon as a different user.
Posted on 2002-09-27 00:07:20 by sluggy
OK, thanks, everyone.
I hoped their might be an easy way of doing it programmatically.
Because what you all suggested will probably also change my own
permissions for the network... :grin:
Posted on 2002-09-27 02:18:32 by goofee