Hi Ketilo !

Some ideas for your Editor. I would like to have a really good macro / script implementation with conditionals and testings, but I can imagine the hard work it needs to implement this ....

So my suggestion is to implement an interface to the basic interpreter from RapidQ. This is a great and small basic-compiler with an additional dll which works like an interpreter.

A plugin to handle this with some functions like

function GetLineCount
function GetLine
function GetCursorPos
procedure SetLine
procedure InsertLine
procedure RemoveLine
procedure SetCursorPos

would be a great improvement to your ide !

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-10-19 16:57:20 by Caleb
Hi Caleb

It's a great idea, but as you said a lot of work.
It could be made as an addin. Anyone has the time?

Posted on 2002-10-20 01:14:06 by KetilO
Hi KetilO !

Another question - have you ever thought of implementing a DDE-Service ?

And I have found a very strange bug ... :confused:

Yes the latest full-archive itself managed to hang up my Win2K while decompressing (Seems the File WinDlg.Dlg in the NASM\PROJECTS-folder) Even the taskmanager won't appear anymore ?

I've tried to decompress it with WinCommander and Winzip and both times my computer was left as a simple move-the-mouse-and-watch-the-pointer-moving-machine (I should rename it to MOTMAWATPOMM - my daughter would like this name :grin: )

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-10-22 16:11:31 by Caleb
Hi Caleb

The zip gives me no problem on 98 or XP. Strange.

Don't know enough about DDE to implement it.

Posted on 2002-10-23 07:21:00 by KetilO
I can confirm that the zip isn't an issue on ME, win2k or winXP.
Posted on 2002-10-23 20:53:50 by dlburlin
Hi all

I have uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new since

- More intuitive tool window docking.
- Added Tool Windows options.
- Support for Chinese characters. See RadAsmini.rtf for more info.
- New code property. Messages.
-- Lets you go directly to a window message handling such as WM_PAINT or WM_COMMAND.
-- Uses a xxxxMessage.api file, so customizing to your needs is easy.
-- You can press F3 to go to the next occurance.
-- Note: Add Message=Masm\masmMessage.api to section in masm.ini
-- See RadAsmini.rtf for more info.
- Included Eviloid's InsertColor addin.
- Updated ****ApiConst.api and ****ApiStruct.api files.

Posted on 2002-10-29 07:33:45 by KetilO

KetilO: you didnt update RealyRad.dll in update package on your web.
Posted on 2002-10-29 08:36:30 by NEMO


Made a new upload.

Posted on 2002-10-29 08:48:19 by KetilO

If I change the order of menuitems 'Go', 'Run', and 'Go All' in Make menu the action of the corresponding toolbarbuttons changes. For exampel if 'Go' and 'Run' swap places the 'Run' toolbarbutton assembles, links and executes.

Posted on 2002-10-30 00:46:00 by minor28
Hi minor28

Yes, it is a bad idea to move any of the commands on the make menu. The toolbar buttons is one of them.

Posted on 2002-10-30 01:30:35 by KetilO
Output window is dockable many corner, except default position. First I couldn't dock it by mice then saw that dockable option is turned to FALSE in RadAsm.ini after closed. Then do copy-paste from previous ini section. Maybe only my awkward. Btw, this tool is getting more comfortable, easy to manage and functional. Thanks.
Posted on 2002-10-30 16:51:39 by cakmak
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site. (Click on [ www ] button below)

Whats new since

_ Your projects procs are added to api list and api tooltip.
-- Very useful on medium and large projects.
- Code properties right clik menu now has Scan Project
-- Scans project for occurances of the word. A list is output
to Output window #1. You can dbl click on a line to go to code.
- Fixed a bug that caused RadASM to GPF on files that contained chinese.

Posted on 2002-11-04 05:21:30 by KetilO
Thank you for your work.By the way,please tell me how to set the corlor of comments.I set it as gray but it appears as black. ???
Posted on 2002-11-06 07:29:27 by jingulong
Hi jingulong

The chinese character problem is far more complex than I first thought.
I am still in the process of trying and failing.

If you will try this version, Then turn off chinese strings in Code Editor Options.

Posted on 2002-11-06 07:42:22 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site. (Click on [ www ] button below)

Whats new since

- Improved Code Editor Options dialog and added option to set code file extentions.
- Added many new options to Code Editor Colors to improve font handling.
-- Shift hilite down:
--- Some fonts makes the hiliting misalign (font height confusion).
-- Use dbcs:
--- To support Chinese characters in strings and comments.
-- Exact italic draw:
--- Draws italic characters one at a time.
-- Shift italic up.
--- Draws italic 1 pixel up to prevent loss of underscore on some fonts.
-- Shrink italic.
--- Shrinks the italic font. You must also use Exact italic draw.
-- Exact bold draw.
--- Draws bold characters one at a time.
- Option to select DBCS font (Chinese).
- Option dialog to set internal file browser options (filter and folders).
- Option dialog to set external file handling.
- Added two user buttons to toolbar. They connect to top items in tools menu.
- Fixed a bug regarding code complete on structure items.
- You can now set breakpoints on a selection to single step parts of the code.

Posted on 2002-11-12 04:10:29 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site. (Click on [ www ] button below)

Whats new since

- Fixed a hiliting bug that would leave a "box" character at the end of a comment line.
- Fixed unions in structure problems.
- Fixed a bug with goto declare on empty line.

Posted on 2002-11-25 02:27:01 by KetilO