Man, it's cool!

Can't wait to see into what the project will evolve, pretty nice softsynth!
Keep on good work. BTW runs OK on my WinXP pro.
Posted on 2002-09-27 17:25:42 by Andycar
You are right. I haven't preserved esi in the window functions :)... . While writing, I supposed esi and edi aren't important, as I get absolutely no crashes without preserving them. Here's the "improved" version of DR. Please test it on the Win2k, tell me the results.
By the way, I released XASM 1.0, which is enough for making large apps. I've only added the menu functions and browsing through the source files. And a demo of a complete project on xasm.

the code I supposed was the problem is in the form:
some proc Arg1
some endp

Haven't checked where exactly in the exe it is placed now.

I will try to work more on DR today and tomorrow, I've already made out how to create the sequencer and a big part of the system. I've got first to create the interface, but my friend, who was going to give me some drawing programs, will soon take SAT1 (he's already taken TOEFL and SAT2), and I can't find him anywhere. Do you know some good free 3D design app, besides Blender? It seems I'll be using simple Paint again.
Posted on 2002-09-27 18:49:19 by Ultrano
had a lot of trouble in uploading this file. :(
Posted on 2002-09-27 18:55:47 by Ultrano
"This file has been downloaded 13 times"
ok ok, but where's the feedback? Noone replied, and I want to know the reason for the bug before I start to build a completely new version!
replies to me are important.
Please, Win2000 users, tell me whether it now works fine, and if it does not, where's the error this time
Posted on 2002-09-29 21:23:15 by Ultrano
Seems Ok on Win2kSP3

Only a problem on your site. I couldn't d/l the song files.

Can you pls, post them 04 here ?


When clicking on Edit + Tile instruments, nothing happens.
And when click on Edit+Cancel. It does not exit the dialog.

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-09-29 23:48:00 by Beyond2000!
Yahoo! Then I've fixed the problem :) . Thanks for helping me in. I wrote somewhere that the "edit" menu does not work. The "preferences" dialog was just a little test, I forgot to remove it, with "OK" you can close the dialog, it really does nothing. And the "tile instruments" - did not create a function for it. Sorry, I was out of time, I released Dreamer 0.130 a day before I had to start going to school again(summer vacations are over), and since then I've made only schematics on the next version of DR. The songs that are there at the site are included in the pack of 0.130, you needn't download them. You cannot download them, for I've put them on a national Bulgarian server that has no connection to other countries.
And the "full song" in the Demo songs folder is 1/4 complete, I really have no time for much work on DR. I have a lot of tests this term, and it will be a wonder if I manage to release soon something new. I will now upload a fixed version of DR (with no new features at all),
when I release something new, I will write info about it in the forum -win32asm->main->dreamer0.130

thanks for telling me whether DR works well now ;)
Posted on 2002-09-30 06:42:22 by Ultrano