I have put a quick little version together
just as I promised. This is a test run to see
what you all like, I would like everyone who tries
this program out to let me know of any bugs
and what would be cool to add to this visual
designer, and to kinda help me with comments
so I can make this a good valuble tool in the future.

You can download it here:
CodeWizard ZipFile

Please remember this is just a beta version.
together, we can fine tune it and create
a very large and usefull tool.

Thank you.....
Posted on 2002-09-28 20:20:59 by Zcoder
Broken link:mad:
Posted on 2002-09-29 06:02:46 by Duker
post the attachment here. impossible to get it from your site. your www doesn't open either as well.
Posted on 2002-09-29 07:25:08 by ramzez
The link worked fine for me. : )
Posted on 2002-09-29 07:28:15 by Kydwyn
could you then post it here. i tried ~30 times, the file is found, but then no single byte is downloaded, just timeout occurs.
Posted on 2002-09-29 07:59:21 by ramzez
Zip away
Posted on 2002-09-29 08:05:12 by Kydwyn
Posted on 2002-09-29 08:36:17 by ramzez
Looks promising. Let us know when you get the VB version running. I always use VB for developing the look and feel of my GUI's then have to port everything over to assembly. Quite the chore sometimes.
Posted on 2002-09-29 10:06:36 by sceptor
The VB Style Visual Designer called MVD
is what I used to write this small Visual
tool with, I choose to make it small at first
so I could get a responce as to what is
good or bad, what is wanted, and to
find any bugs. I really need feedback
on this as this will help with the development
of MVD. At this point I am in the dark about
anybugs that maybe found in other OS's.

I know that most will say they would like
more controls, and that is already in the
plans, as well as to give more flexiblility
to naming controls and classes, and to
create TODO areas where you can
finish your program.

I plan on making very conplex controls
such as Video CAM Windows, browser
windows, trackbars, progress bars,
toolbars with images and tool tips
and a function to aid in making
MDI docking all without writting this
stuff over and over again, I feel, why
rewrite something, once you found out
how to do it?

Posted on 2002-09-29 11:54:40 by Zcoder
Additional ideas:
- see code generated as you edit controls
- code round-tripping; being able to reload code into the designer
Posted on 2002-09-29 13:32:41 by bitRAKE
Nobody said anything about the problem
that I found, so I fixed it anyway, the
problem was I wrote the program with
lib's in my Altra32 area, I forgot to change
the source it produces to the masm32 area
I fixed that problem as well.
Posted on 2002-10-01 13:40:45 by Zcoder

The VB Style Visual Designer called MVD

Where might this "MVD" be aquired, if you don't mind my asking?
Posted on 2002-10-01 23:29:12 by Kydwyn

MVD Army Motor Vehicle Driver Selection Battery
MVD Macro Vascular Disease
MVD Microvascular Decompression (surgery)
MVD Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh del (Russian: Ministry of Internal Affairs)
MVD Montevideo, Uruguay - Carrasco (Airport Code)
MVD Motion Vector Data
MVD Motor Vehicle Division
MVD Moving Violently Down
MVD Multiple-Valued Dimension
MVD Multipurpose Video Display
MVD Soviet/Russian Ministry of Internal Security
Posted on 2002-10-02 00:35:55 by bazik
What about "My Venereal Disease"? It is a new special folder from M$. In the next version of windows we will all have unprotected access to the features of this beauty: When you cum across a virus infected file, just move it to this folder for proper treatment. After a few days, you can move it back to it's origin.
Posted on 2002-10-02 00:46:31 by bitRAKE
MVD is the Visual Designer I am making.
if looks like VB and will have more functions
then VB, for assembly writters, it will help
create your forms, with multiy forms, at this time
it looks like VB, and has only 21 controls to the toolbar.
I plan on adding as many controls as there is common
controls listed in the MSD library book I have, if they
all can be added with no thouble, we shell see.
MVD also has a built in color editor to finish your
projects, all projects can be compiled in MVD and run
and produces asm code, as well as a project file
so you can save and reopen to add more to your

Posted on 2002-10-02 01:14:44 by Zcoder
Originally posted by bitRAKE
When you cum across a virus infected file,

Typo? :grin:
Posted on 2002-10-02 01:18:45 by bazik
Originally posted by bitRAKE
When you cum across a virus infected file,
This typo proves a person has been in a long period of time at a pr0n site. :grin:
Posted on 2002-10-02 01:43:55 by stryker
This tool looks very promising
Posted on 2002-10-02 16:59:09 by Duker
ZCODER does not OWE anyone anything as far as his source code or any programs FREE or otherwise! if he chooses to sell it then he should sell it!
As far as there not being any market for such a tool I would say GET a CLUE! Maybe that is because nobody has created a really good tool or set of tools for anyone to really work in ASM in WINDOWS until NOW!

I can't believe all of the crying and moaning that I see on this siy about supporting the really good programmers is that ment if it doesn't COST YOU anything or what???

Posted on 2002-10-02 22:40:13 by z8coder

/| /| | |
||__|| | Please do not |
/ O O\__ | feed the |
/ \ | Trolls |
/ \ \|_____________________|
/ _ \ \ ||
/ |\____\ \ ||
/ | | | |\____/ ||
/ \|_|_|/ | _||
/ / \ |____| ||
/ | | | --|
| | | |____ --|
* _ | |_|_|_| | \-/
*-- _--\ _ \ | ||
/ _ \\ | / `
* / \_ /- | | |
* ___ c_c_c_C/ \C_c_c_c____________

Posted on 2002-10-03 00:58:06 by JCP