This project is dead as well ?????


It was very nice and nearly finish.

Posted on 2002-10-22 07:32:26 by forge
Sence the last time I posted about this
subject, I found I forgot to prove that
I was making head way into making
the Visual Designer, so I will post
the unfinished program to show
you how far I did get on it.

Remember, this program is
unfinished and has a few bugs

It was going to be open source
This is the VB Style Designer.
Posted on 2002-11-12 04:28:53 by Zcoder
Everything is easier without compassion.

Its a great tool as far as I can say it. And I don't know why you need other people to know that.
Meke it for yourselve and don't care wheather the oters are interested in.
You can't make someone interested in something, just wait an the poeple you need will come. :)

I've tested codewizzard a bit. It seems everything bugfree. And a nice tool for me to figure out how to programm a form (I don't want to seach the whoole api reference for such things and I've experienced that its hard work to find something userul in zhe reference).

MVD seems to be a bit strange(I'm using Win98). I can only make 'Static Text' fields! ???:confused:
And I can't resize them. Also the buttons doesn't semms to have any function.

This programm is not useable at this state! And you can't expect anyone to use a tool like this, where he can do NOTHING!
Posted on 2002-11-12 09:18:42 by TCT
I am sorry, maybe I did not make myself clear.
the project was not done, and that is why the
things you talked about don't work.

and alot of people said that it did not exist, that
it was some kind of vaperware or something like
that, so even though I have quit on the project
I did want to at, least prove that I was almost there
with the program.

I quit the project becouse:
I was waiting to see if the way I made the controls in codewiz
was working good, then I was going to use that
same method in MVD. but I got no responce from

anyway if no one will help let me know if somethings
are not working in some systems, why should they
get, all my hard work for free?? people can do without.

That may seem like a hard thing to say, but if someone
is not going to make money, then at least that person
should get some support. I don't seem to believe in
wellfare, you earn somethings in some small way.

So the program is unfinished, it remains as a dead
idea, not worthy of any support, but it was close
to being finished, it only needed the controls added
and the property sheet completed,(need controls to
finish the proprty sheet) and then it just needed a
editor in it, and stuff like that, this project did exist
and I wanted people to see that it did.

I just did not do a good enough job on it, or people
would have supported the project by helpng me
with any bugs.

Posted on 2002-11-12 17:39:34 by Zcoder