Is it possible to do a WinCE app with MASM for my PDA. If so where can i find the libraries(inc files(or h files) and lib) for programming.
Posted on 2002-09-29 10:22:11 by chuskyherrero
Well, I really hope for something like an "CE /PPC Assambler" on the Microsoft SDK for the Windows PocketPc 2002...


But Ya need another resourse to do CE/PPC programs:

Windows CE Ebeditor TOOLS 3.0

think I'll be on that matters next month, by today I'm only researching for resources!..

Posted on 2002-10-01 09:25:58 by Caraveiro
Posted on 2002-10-03 11:46:56 by chuskyherrero
the link.exe thats included in MASM32 has this option (type link /? for more swithces):

Take a look at the MSDN, I think they have some explanations of the switches to link.exe (ml.exe, and more M$ apps).
Posted on 2002-10-03 12:21:30 by scientica