Nice game

Run smooth under Windows 2000.

Crashed when closing it with Alt-F4.
Posted on 2002-10-09 12:30:40 by dxantos
Hi ! dxantos :)
Thank you for this precision
Posted on 2002-10-09 13:37:28 by Asmgges
I did play the game under WinXP, but I am no good - it is so fast on my machine. I would like a shield on the ship. This way we get a warning of the coming end. Also, the collision detection is not so good - often I die and there is not indication of a hit on the screen. It is good to try each language that you can, experiencing the ups and downs. This way you will know in a more general sense what works good for you. I too programed with the early version of SpASM, but it is not for me - some people have a hard enough time understanding my code with only one instruction on each line! Multiple instructions per line would scare everyone away - including myself. :)
Posted on 2002-10-09 20:32:06 by bitRAKE
Hi ! bitRAKE :)
It is true that when one was used to program with the traditional syntax, it can surprise.
As you when I discovered SPASM I was confused, but after a small learning and some tests, I was conquered by this method of programming in assembler, I read more easily the differences between a adress and a variable in my code.
But you can with SPASM to continue to program with your usual syntax, it is also very supple under this aspect.
In source code that I rewrite this weekend, no instructions multilines, only striking differences will be as these examples

mov dword ptr[ebx+4],ecx
mov D$ebx+4 ecx
mov ebx,variable
mov ebx D$variable
mov ebx,offset variable
mov ebx variable

Nothing difficult to understand I think.
But I am not going you make a class of syntax of programming and your opinion is made and I respect her, it is a part of the freedom to choose and it is a precious thing that it is necessary to protect (but I can all the same try to convince you, I think that there is no evil in it?):)
I was very happy to read to you, I consider you as a value person.
Posted on 2002-10-10 11:27:28 by Asmgges
WOW! SpASM is scary ;) But its not bad considering it has a built-in IDE.
Posted on 2002-10-12 18:16:20 by x86asm
Hi !x86asm :)
Scary ! :tongue: the beginning... as any new and exceptional thing , look the source code of SPASM, it is a colossal object of art.
Posted on 2002-10-13 06:48:31 by Asmgges