Hello People
i know the smtp server of yahoo
for example : hamed_hhz@yahoo.com ---> smtp server is smtp.mail.yahoo.com and
isn't yahoo.com
how i can get it automaticaly?

Posted on 2002-10-02 12:20:43 by hamed_hhz

how i can get it automaticaly?

You can't. :rolleyes:
Posted on 2002-10-02 13:02:10 by bazik
Exact: the best thing you can do is to approximate or build a list of the most populars mail server (but it will never be accurate because incomplete).
Posted on 2002-10-02 16:34:15 by JCP
Actually there is something to figure out mail servers for a given domain, MX RR's (mail exchange resource records)..
Have a look at this RFC: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc974.txt
A query on yahoo.com: http://sc.newnet.co.uk/cgi-bin-local/digmx?yahoo.com

I've never worked with these records so I can't tell you more, a quick search in the PSDK showed there is a structure called DNS_MX_DATA ("The DNS_MX_DATA structure represents a DNS mail exchanger (MX) record.") so there's probably some API to fill it, but the remarks say it's win2k+ only.

Posted on 2002-10-02 16:43:20 by Thomas