Wrote a program that calculates data and sends a report to the printer.
It works fine on windows 98. I have included the proper push/pop registers
needed for the APIs.

The program uses Windows.inc, user32.inc, kernel32.inc, gdi32.inc and

When I run the program on another machine that uses Windows XP
I get a message that microsoft wants me to send an error report to them.

Anyone got any ideas what's going on????

Posted on 2002-10-02 17:08:27 by shankle
Its the default acting of XP when a GPF occurs.
You should debug your program or use SEH to catch the error.
Posted on 2002-10-02 17:14:30 by bazik
XP wants to send an error report because the GPF happened somewhere inside the OS. What happens is that the error report and memory dump is sent to a MS server, it is then logged into a database. Once enough errors of a certain type occurring in the same spot have been logged, then it gets analyzed by a human. What this means is you should have no reservations about sending the error report, and there is a chance that it will never be acted on.
Posted on 2002-10-03 01:45:30 by sluggy