Unchecking the file deletion box works great for hard disks but you get the prompt when deleting from a floppy. Is there a workaround for this that I could code in asm. I know that Windoze does send the files to the recycle bin.(real sharp of them)
Posted on 2002-10-03 15:29:08 by skywalker
Do you want to delete a file on a floppy from a program or add a feature to windows to prevent it to prompt a warning before deleting it ?
Check the SHFileOperation-related flags...
Posted on 2002-10-03 15:42:02 by JCP
I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but neural noise wrote an essay on something similar iirc. He patched a system file or maybe it was even the kernel itself to bypass that silly messagebox. As his site has RE related info on it I won't post a link but if you google for "neudump" you'll find it. Maybe you'll find it useful. -shrugs-
Posted on 2002-10-03 17:06:02 by Will