The following works on Windoze 98 and bombs on Windoze XP.
It crashes either on the last EnumPrinters or the CreateDC.

Could it possibly have something to do with DLLs - mine from 1999 to
the computer that I tested it from 2002????

dwNeeded dd 0
dwReturned dd 0
pinf05 dd 0

WndProc PROC hWnd:HWND, iMsg:UINT, wParam:WPARAM, lParam:LPARAM
LOCAL hdc: HDC, cc: codecode, hInst: HINSTANCE, ps:PAINTSTRUCT

mov eax,iMsg
push ebx
invoke EnumPrinters, PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT, NULL, 5, NULL, \
0, ADDR dwNeeded, ADDR dwReturned
invoke GlobalAlloc, GHND, dwNeeded
mov hMemory, eax
invoke GlobalLock, eax
mov pinf05, eax
mov ebx,eax
invoke EnumPrinters, PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT, NULL, 5, pinf05, \
dwNeeded, ADDR dwNeeded, ADDR dwReturned
invoke CreateDC, NULL, PRINTER_INFO_5.pPrinterName[ebx], NULL, NULL
mov hdcPrn,eax
mov hdc,eax
invoke GlobalUnlock, hMemory
invoke GlobalFree, hMemory

Thanks for any help,
Posted on 2002-10-05 20:08:44 by shankle
From MSDN:
PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT Windows 95/98/Me: The function returns information about the default printer.

So you'll have to enumerate different printer type on nt/2k/xp.
Posted on 2002-10-05 20:47:25 by _js_
Since I posted this message I have found out a few more things.

I have a copy of ENUMPRINTERS from 1999. On msdn there is a much later version
of ENUMPRINTERS which I am unable to print a copy of.

I looked at the possibility on ordering an API SDK but from what I read it implies
that it won't work on Windows 98

So from my above code it seems that I must be able to tell what operating system
I am on and then modify ENUMPRINTERS accordingly. First I don't know how to
do that and 2nd what a hassle this is.....
Posted on 2002-10-06 09:12:02 by shankle