Hello All,

I'm wondering how VC++ produces color syntax highlighting
and am especially interested in possibly writting my own
ASM Editor (...yep, another one of those...).

I have seen Iczelion's RTB example but wish to write my
own "edit" control, that way I can draw the text the way I need
it (exactly), handle the keyboard/mouse and syntax highlighting

Wouldn't it be cool to place your mouse over a variable, say
ptrThis, and have the tool tip to display:

ptrThis is pointer to a memory location
Pointers store the addresses of memory
locations ...... blah ..... blah
Posted on 2001-08-28 15:53:58 by Xtreme
There is a very good example on the FASM page that describes exactly what you are looking for. It's in the tools section as an asm editor. Also, SpAsm has what you are looking for too. Just open SpAsm with SpAsm and search for the color sorting part of the code. (Use find because scrolling will take you a while.)
Posted on 2001-08-28 16:12:26 by Kenny
Thanks Kenny,

I found what I need in the Assembler Workplace source...

PS: The Browser Example has been fixed to work on Win2k.
Posted on 2001-08-29 11:36:37 by Xtreme