How can i send mail to yahoo by SMTP or ESMTP commands,
because when i connect to yahoo smtp server ,after sendin HELO and MAIL FROM: then it is failed :

<connect to smtp.mail.yahoo.com:25>
220 smtp013.mail.yahoo.com ESMTP
250 smtp013.mail.yahoo.com
MAIL FROM: any@one.com
530 authentication required - for help go to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/pop/pop-11.html

Posted on 2002-10-07 23:40:45 by hamed_hhz
Posted on 2002-10-08 00:57:17 by bazik
Yahoo SMTP requires Authentication. Read the RFC's.

I was going to post a quick answer but, I reread the RFC and my memory was waaaay off. Oops. Sorry for the worthless post.
Posted on 2002-10-08 07:57:49 by emonk
Afternoon, hamed_hhz.

I was under the impression that you can't send mail through Yahoo via an email client.

Has their policy on this changed?

Posted on 2002-10-08 08:48:01 by Scronty
It depends on your ISP, sometimes your ISP doesn't allow you to use other SMTP servers aside from theirs. So, yahoo is out of the question if this is the case. But you can recieved emails from Yahoo(POP) before. Now, yahoo doesn't allow this. I'm not sure though what happens when you upgrade your account(The Not FREE Version).
Posted on 2002-10-09 22:48:50 by stryker