Thanks for the help..

I really need 2 kind of acces:

- Acces to disk like head-sector-clyinder in windows

I dont know how to acces the disk in this way under win9x and WinNT,XP,i think maybe with "DeviceIoControl", but there is not to much information in the help provided in api help, visual studio (sdk help) and MSDN (online).
If somebody could tell me how do i do to acces it, i will apreciate it.

- Acces at a very low level programming the ide controller (not under Win):
i think is enough
Posted on 2002-10-08 15:38:45 by IrOn

If you want to perform low level disk IO in 32 bit windows protected mode, you either use a device driver or you use the API functions supplied, DOS level interrupts cannot be used from normal ring3 access as the OS is designed not to allow it.

Posted on 2002-10-08 20:32:34 by hutch--