I am wanting to display stuff just like the screen shot, the user will be able to click where a row and column meet and I recieve that message. So I can figure out which one they clicked.

I just don't know anything about the controls that I can use.

Could anybody point me in the right direction?

Posted on 2002-10-08 22:00:36 by gorshing
You want a grid, like the MS FlexGrid. It sits in a dll by itself (all versions of windoze have a version of it), but it has COM interfaces you can use. IIRC there isn't a grid type preregistered window, although you shouldn't take my word for it and you should check anyway :)
Posted on 2002-10-08 23:30:31 by sluggy
KetilO has just made a very nice grid control addin for RadASM. I guess you could also use his code if you don't use RadASM, but better ask first :)
Posted on 2002-10-09 00:15:14 by Qweerdy
A listview control may do the trick...
Posted on 2002-10-09 01:20:37 by JCP
Quenn's gambit accepted! A solid defence... What about the King's indian? :alright:
Posted on 2002-10-10 07:56:36 by Vortex